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WorkOasis provides Procurement Management software that allows you more efficient purchasing of both facility related services and products. Service procurement has proven to be particularly difficult for facility managers because most services are not large purchases and require a specified scope of work, often tailored to each specific site. Similarly, product procurement can be challenging when procured at the site level, even if the corporation has master purchasing agreements and national accounts, due to the distributed nature of large real estate portfolios and difficulty of contract compliance.

WorkOasis solves both of these problems; simplifying operations and reducing costs; while capturing detailed spend information across your portfolio.

The WorkOasis Procurement Management program is comprised of four core applications:

  • The Spend Analysis application provides you with the ability to generate custom reports on up to eighty (80) categories of spend including line item detail of invoices for auditing, evaluation, and procurement purposes. Add to this, the ability to evaluate each supplier based on average transaction cost, and you will have a powerful new ability to more efficiently procure services across your enterprise.

  • The Service Procurement application provides you with the ability to create RFP’s online, invite vendors to respond, who meet both category and geographical coverage requirements, to and send electronic requests based on your requirements by site, specification, bid criterion, and terms and conditions. Vendors who accept the invitation to bid use a web-based workflow to post their responses which can be reviewed, awarded, and archived for supplier negotiations and future reference.

  • The Product Procurement application provides you with the ability to create a custom catalog of items comprised of multiple suppliers, and uses a single integrated purchasing process. Your distributed locations can place a single order (using an industry standard shopping cart) that is distributed to multiple suppliers, including the generation of multiple purchase orders.

  • The Contract Management application allows you to track all of your service provider agreements by site, including the designation of responsible party (owner, landlord), provider, contract type, and term. All documents are stored in the document management system which provides view capability, alarming based on expiration dates, and last updated version control.

The ability to use one integrated system to analyze spending, procure products and services, and manage documents on both a site and enterprise level, will give you valuable insight, therefore, improving the overall procurement process.

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