Facility Operations and Analytics

WorkOasis provides Facility and Operations Analytics software that empowers you with the ability to more effectively manage your facility management budget, vendor performance, service delivery, and customer satisfaction; all while reducing your overall expenditures. Because WorkOasis is a 100% web-based platform requiring vendors to electronically invoice you directly, you are provided access to an unprecedented amount of financial information. In addition, by using WorkOasis’ email-based workflow, you are equipped with real-time information and visibility into all facility-related activities across your portfolio. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse.

The WorkOasis Facility and Operations Analytics program is comprised of four core applications:

  • The Capital and Maintenance Planning application allows you to capture form site surveys information about differed maintenance and capital planning needs   

  • The Performance Measurement application allows you to measure over 100 different operating metrics. Key measurements that most directly impact service delivery include vendor and technician performance.

  • The Customer Satisfaction Survey application provides you with an easy-to-use tool for measuring your internal customer’s satisfaction level based on the services being delivered. You can develop your survey templates, email the response request to your users, or utilize the WorkOasis proprietary, four-star rating system for measuring satisfaction levels for each service call.

  • The Finance and Reporting application provides you with the ability to create, run, and distribute custom reports from any of the data fields for work orders or invoices. Designed for use by facility management personnel, these reports are easy-to-create and save; providing a highly configurable reporting resource. Use our operational reporting tools to view performance analytics related to work orders, trades and invoices to measure your operational effectiveness.

Utilize WorkOasis to track vendor performance and costs, measure customer satisfaction and provide real-time reporting across your enterprise, in one easy-to-use web-based platform.

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