Spend Analysis
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The WorkOasis Spend Analysis application is designed to provide you with detailed operating information on each element of your facility management budget, allowing you to more effectively purchase services and products. Because all of your vendors are required to invoice online, you are given access to information at the line item level for each transaction and category of service.

Our custom reporting module provides you with a tool to mine that data and turn it into information for sourcing purposes. Perhaps you need to know how much money you spent in Peoria on plumbing last year, or the average transaction cost for HVAC preventative maintenance across your portfolio, or even the relationship between service quality and hourly rates for a category of service vendors. It is all at your fingertips and easily accessible by any user with permission to view performance information.

Finally, you can export that information to Excel for further manipulation, reporting and analysis via a flat file transfer, or invest in a real time data exchange to interface with other enterprise procurement and/or financial systems.

Use of the Spend Analysis application will improve your understanding of your current purchasing and provides you a tool for more effectively sourcing services and products in the future.
The Spend Management application within WorkOasis includes the following features:

  • Tracking of expenditures by service category and work order
    • Work order #
    • Site
    • Date
    • Status (new, accepted, in progress, completed, on-hold, signoff)

  • Ability to generate spend analysis reports
    • Easy to use reporting tool
    • Access to any data field on a work order or invoice (80+ data elements)
    • Ability to custom configure a report up to 20 columns wide
      • Vendor
      • Start and end dates
      • Service category
      • Work order type
      • Site
      • Geographic area
    • Ability to both auto-generate (email) and export reports
  • Return on Investment

    WorkOasis simplifies the spend analysis and procurement process by making detailed operating information directly accessible to its users. The custom reporting tool is designed to be useable by non-technical personnel and has a utility to save commonly used reports. Once configured, use the auto-report generator to run and email reports (Excel) directly to you at any desired frequency.

    Cost Reduction:

    Accurate information detailing service and product expenditures by site, area, region or portfolio can give you a new tool for negotiating vendor agreements. This, coupled with the service and product procurement applications, can result in savings of 5-15% of your operating budget.

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