Service Procurement
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The WorkOasis Service Procurement application is a powerful tool for bidding, evaluating, and awarding service and/or project work using a proprietary, web-based workflow. Most procurement systems are limited in their ability to handle service-type contracts due to site specific requirements, sheer size of the vendor base, and a relatively small transaction size.

WorkOasis provides you with a tool for creating and managing service-related request for proposals (RFP’s) electronically, linking to your database of vendors. This application is typically used for procuring recurring services, small projects, and request for quotes on service work that surpass not to exceed (NTE) thresholds.

Use of a web-based workflow allows you to shorten the time it takes to receive bid responses, therefore, enabling you to bid more work. The application workflow includes the following:

  • Ability to create an RFP document with terms, conditions, and attachments
  • Ability to select and invite bidders to respond
  • Ability to have bidders update responses online
  • Ability to view and award work
  • Ability to archive all responses and documents for future reference

Use of the Service Procurement application allows you to more efficiently procure services, improve response time, and provide complete documentation of the bidding process.
Ability to create RFP documents with the following filters and resources:
  • Site
  • Category
  • Auto-populate qualified vendors (trade and geography)
  • RFP type
  • RFP requirements
  • Description of requested service
  • RFP library and documents

  • Ability for vendor to receive, accept and submit bids electronically
    • Invitation through email with dynamic link
    • Full vendor portal (work orders, invoices, RFP’s)
    • Ability to respond, including document upload

    • Ability to review and award RFP’s
      • Dashboard of responses
      • Hotlinks to all documents
      • Archiving of responses for future reference
Return on Investment

WorkOasis simplifies the service procurement process by providing an easy-to-use web-based workflow to create, send, receive, and award any type of RFP (contract, one-time, project, etc). Automating the process of finding qualified vendors by trade and geography improves your ability to respond to work-intensive bids. The customizable RFP library helps to ensure use of consistent standards and legal agreements across all procurement activity. The ability to store and archive responses, reduces the administrative time required to support the procurement process.

Cost Reduction:

WorkOasis gives you the ability to use competitive bidding to lower procurement costs by making it easy, fast, and efficient to create and receive bids; even for small projects. Use of competitive bidding has been demonstrated to reduce total costs by 5-15%.

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