Performance Measurement
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The WorkOasis Performance Measurement application provides you with the ability to measure overall service delivery and responsiveness. WorkOasis’ Six Sigma design is based on measuring four elements of every work order regardless of category:

  • Responsiveness (ETA)
  • Speed of repair (MTTR)
  • Cost effectiveness (Average Transaction Cost)
  • Customer satisfaction ("4 Star” rating)

Utilize the information gathered by WorkOasis to create analytics to measure performance by service category for both vendors as well as internal staff; utilize that information to improve the effectiveness of your supplier base by selecting vendors with the best cost and quality.
Measure and report on the effectiveness of every work order, based on:
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Mean time to repair
  • Average transaction cost
  • Customer satisfaction score

Utilize customer satisfaction scores to improve performance, based on:
  • Responsiveness
  • Technical skill
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Price / Value

Auto-email survey results to each vendor

Accumulate EBay® type scores for each vendor (and/ or employee) based on survey performance and number of transactions
Return on Investment

The unique WorkOasis workflow makes it very simple to gather performance data on every service request without any manual effort or duplicate data entry. You can manage by exception and be automatically notified about service problems as they occur on for every work order.

Cost Reduction:

The ability to provide vendors comparative performance data on cost and quality with their competitive peer companies can lower your overall costs 5-10% and deliver improved service levels. Use actual performance data on average transaction costs to improve the cost effectiveness of your vendor network.

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