Maintenance Management
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Through the WorkOasis Maintenance Management application, facility managers can plan, configure, and execute any scheduled maintenance activities. This typically includes preventive maintenance, inspection and routine services like janitorial, waste management and landscaping.

Steps in creating a scheduled service include:

  • Selecting a site
  • Service category
  • Vendor
  • Equipment
  • Task
  • Procedure
  • Frequency
  • Contract amount
  • Billing interval,
  • Start and end date, and
  • Dispatch method

Unlike other software programs, WorkOasis is designed for managing the total facility management expense, and therefore, includes a broader array of tools for managing reoccurring services. Unique capabilities include the ability to create highly flexible service patterns, the ability to use an auto-shortened workflow for daily services with fixed billing amounts, and the capability to consolidate invoices within user defined billing intervals.

WorkOasis provides you the flexibility to create a planned maintenance program while maintaining ultimate control over when work is released, based on business conditions, providing financial flexibility for variable expenses. Customers can opt to either, auto dispatch on a predefined schedule or, manually dispatch work.
Easy-to-configure scheduled maintenance templates
  • Selecting a site
  • Service category
  • Vendor
  • Equipment
  • Task
  • Procedure
  • Frequency
  • Contract amount
  • Billing interval,
  • Start and end date, and
  • Dispatch method

Easy-to-build programs
  • Methods
  • Procedures
  • Tasks
  • Re-sorting/ordering tool

Ability to auto-schedule
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reoccurring services

Flexible service pattern editor
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annual, and
  • Custom scheduler

Vendor assignment
  • Site
  • State
  • Site Group
  • Client Partner

Equipment/Supplier assignment
  • Supplier
  • Equipment type
  • Equipment model/serial number

Auto-populated vendor availability based on registration profile

Dashboard with dynamic tabs and event summary pop-up
Return on Investment

Designing and administering a planned maintenance service program can be a daunting task. WorkOasis makes it easy with a user-friendly scheduled maintenance template and self-populating data fields for frequently used information.

Having a consolidated dashboard allows you to easily view the scheduled activities for any definable time period as well as the costs planned for that service category or activity.

Cost Reduction:

The implementation of a preventative maintenance program for HVAC and mechanical systems typically reduces lifecycle costs by 15-30%, while improving uptime and reliability.

Moving maintenance work from activity-based with emergencies to a scheduled basis, allows for maintenance work orders to be grouped, lowering costs by incurring fewer trip charges. Many customers use the scheduled maintenance application to implement route-based services for general maintenance activities, further lowering costs and improving productivity.

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