Refrigerant Management
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The WorkOasis Refrigeration Management application is designed to help customers comply with Section 608 of the Clean Air Act; which requires that when an owner or operator of an appliance normally containing a refrigerant charge of over 50 pounds, discovers leaking refrigerant at a rate that would exceed the applicable trigger rate during a 12-month period, the owner or operator must take corrective action.

Trigger rates: For all appliances that have a refrigerant charge of more than 50 pounds, the following leak rates for a 12-month period are applicable:

Appliance Type
Trigger Leak Rate
Commercial Refrigeration
Industrial process refrigeration 35%
Comfort cooling 15%
All other appliances

In general, owners or operators must either repair leaks within thirty days from the date the leak was discovered, or develop a dated retrofit/retirement plan within thirty days, and complete actions under that plan within one year from the plan's date.

WorkOasis provides you the capability to track, alarm, and report on each refrigeration system in your portfolio. Each refrigerant asset can be tracked by type, refrigerant, and charge level. Whenever service is conducted on that piece of equipment, the vendor will be prompted to measure and record the current refrigerant level. Based on the prior reading and the amount of time between inspections, WorkOasis will automatically calculate the leak rate. Leak rates above Clean Air Act thresholds for that type of asset will generate a refrigerant alarm for resolution either as a maintenance request or capital project. Refrigerant and equipment dashboards allow you to display multiple assets, generate reports, and track inventory levels.
Register your refrigeration assets for leak rate tracking
  • Refrigerant class (commercial, industrial, comfort)
  • Refrigerant type
  • Full charge

Auto-generate the requirement to add leak rate information for each work order
  • Refrigerant added (lbs)
  • Date added

Use dashboards to manage and report on usage
  • Asset name
  • Serial number
  • Bar code
  • Refrigerant type
  • Charge
  • Date added
  • Amount added
  • Leak rate
  • Status
  • Email based alarming based on SLA settings (configurable by user)
Return on Investment

The U.S. Clean Air Act requires mandatory reporting beginning in 2010. Having the ability to track refrigerant leak rates simplifies the process of government reporting of greenhouse gasses and improves your company’s ability to respond to environmental issues and enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Using a single, integrated platform requiring your technicians or service vendors to enter measurement data online, eliminates paper and improves compliance; all while giving your enterprise visibility of your refrigerant assets for reporting and planning purposes.

Cost Reduction:

Proactive identification of refrigerant leaks saves you money by reducing the amount of replacement refrigerant to purchase.

Furthermore, the EPA can fine anyone who fails to comply with regulations, up to $27,500 per day; levy up to five years, imprisonment for noncompliance, and up to two years imprisonment for improper record-keeping or falsification of records.

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