Parts Management

The WorkOasis Parts Management application is a robust parts and inventory system which allows users to track part locations, par levels and costs for any part used in their facilities. Designed to fully integrate with the work order management system users/technicians have the ability add parts to work orders, invoices, quotes and scheduled services as part of the work order process. When parts are assigned the part will transfer from the warehouse to the site and or even into the parent piece of equipment.

Designed as part of the WorkOasis suite of application parts information will be available in the following modules resulting in a simple to use parts management system:

  • Parts and Inventory Module
  • Equipment Module
  • Quotes Module
  • Invoice Module
  • Work Order Module
  • Custom Report Module
  • Site Module
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Module
  • RFP Module
  • Import / Export
  • System Setting
  • User settings

Each part will have a robust profile and be tracked throughout its lifecycle. It will be reportable in the customer reports for costs, locations and usage. Import and export tools to add/manage parts make the application ease to update and maintain.

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