Product Procurement
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The WorkOasis Product Procurement application enables you to decentralize the purchasing of products to the site level while maintaining tight control over the purchasing process, suppliers, and any national account purchasing agreements that you may have.

WorkOasis gives you the ability to create and maintain your own purchasing catalog including suppliers, product sku’s, pricing, and images. By utilizing our easy-to-use shopping cart, your sites can select and order the materials they need, while still giving you approval authority and maximum visibility into spend levels. Supplier information is maintained in the WorkOasis Vendor Management application, ensuring each vendor is properly certified and giving you valuable information on annual purchasing volumes.

An automated purchase order process generates a new PO # for each supplier and then routes the purchase request for fulfillment. This saves valuable time for your site personnel requiring use of only one request form, regardless of the number of suppliers required to fulfill a particular order.
Ability to create custom catalogs for required items using the following features:
  • Supplier name
  • Item number
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
  • Category
  • Image

  • Ability to create web-based purchase orders by site with the following options:
    • Select by item number, brand or model
    • View image for product order detail (size, quantity)
    • Select quantity and calculate price based on unit
    • View total transaction cost including tax, via online sales tax utility
    • Place order
    • View status

    • Ability to track and manage product fulfillment with the following features:
      • Easy-to-use dashboard to display new, open, and closed product orders
      • Ability to view product order status
Return on Investment

Ordering products at a local level can be expensive and cumbersome. WorkOasis simplifies the procurement function by providing your users an industry standard shopping cart, very similar to those used to purchase any web-based product.

The ability to build and control your own catalog makes it easier to standardize the products that your sites may purchase and increases compliance to purchasing agreements; all while improving purchasing visibility and control.

Cost Reduction:

Reducing product procurement costs is dependent on first, negotiating and establishing effective purchasing agreements, and then, ensuring compliance to those contracts. WorkOasis saves you money by increasing compliance, reducing the administrative costs of placing product orders, and increasing the productivity of your site personnel through a reduction in the time required to place product orders.

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