Contract Management
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The WorkOasis Contract Management application provides you an easy-to-use document management capability for tracking your supplier agreements for both products and services.

Track vendors and contracts by site including landlord, site personnel, and vendor responsibilities.

Based on the functionality of the WorkOasis Document Management application, you can upload contracts for each supplier, while making them easily accessible and viewable by field personnel. By using the WorkOasis Vendor Management application, you can maintain contractor files, ensuring proper business licenses, insurance, and compliance to federal laws. Finally, you can use WorkOasis to track and alert you to contract expirations and renewal dates.

You save money by having a suite of applications working together for managing vendor files, certification, pricing, and associated purchasing documents in one easy-to use web-based platform.
Manage service and product vendor agreements and contracts with the following capabilities:
  • Add contracts to each vendor's profile
  • Use dynamic hotlinks on work orders for easy reference
  • Store hourly rates and unit prices
  • Automatically populating hourly rates for invoice creation

Track all site-based agreements in one easy-to-use reference application including:
  • Landlord responsibilities
  • Vendor responsibilities
  • Agreement type
  • Service coverage
  • Expiration date

Manage vendor documents using the following filters:
  • Site
  • Category
  • Expiration date (30/60/90 day alerts)
  • Date last modified
Return on Investment

Maintaining contract files and documents for service and product suppliers is a significant challenge for most owners of large portfolios. For such customers, this often includes thousands of records and can consume countless hours to update vendor information. WorkOasis simplifies this function by providing your vendors with a portal to manage all of this information for you. Providing real-time access to contract information in an easy-to-use, web-based system, simplifies communications between you and your vendors.

Cost Reduction:

WorkOasis helps reduce the administrative costs of contract compliance, while lowering the enterprise risk associated with vendor management. You save money by improving compliance with your contractual agreements, avoiding fines and criminal charges associated with federal laws (OSHA, I-9, EEOC), by and improving the productivity of your field personnel.

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