Site Surveys and Assessments
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The Site Surveys and Assessment application is a tool for managing all the information surrounding the condition of a specific location. Its core feature is a configurable, electronic inspection and survey form, which is utilized to document maintenance and capital defects. The customer has the ability to create their own custom categories and survey questions using WorkOasis’ survey template. The standard template includes a rating framework, with 15 categories (example: Parking Lot) and 75 assessment areas (example: Asphalt Condition), all rated based on the following attributes:

  • Category
  • Instructions
  • Condition
  • Resolution recommendation
  • Estimated years of life
  • Photo documentation
  • Comments
  • Utility for adding to the maintenance or capital backlog

Surveys can be conducted by property/facility management or contractor personnel, and the data can be inputted either, online, or, by utilizing unloadable Excel files (CSV) at a later date.

In addition, the Site Surveys and Assessment application also includes tabs for site general information, contracts, equipment, lighting, and energy management.
Inspection and condition assessment templates (configurable)
  • Categories
  • Sub-categories
  • Instructions

Condition rating
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Inoperable

Resolution recommendation
  • Needs repair
  • Needs replacement
  • Estimated years of life

Ability to photo document equipment

Easy-to-import via CSV file

Ability to capture and manage site information
  • Ability to capture general site information
  • Ability to access lease information
  • Ability to manage site related contracts

View asset & equipment lists (including lighting)

Track maintenance backlog Track capital planning needs

Energy use and operations assessment
  • Track rates, tariffs, and energy suppliers by site
  • Document operating hours vs. equipment schedules
  • Assess control strategies and set points
  • List recommended energy conservation measures (ECM’s)
Return on Investment

WorkOasis makes it easy to collect site information detailing current operations, whether it is for property inspections, equipment condition, or how your buildings are operating from an energy perspective. The use of a web-based tool, supported by Excel workbooks for offline data gathering, enables information to be gathered by the in-house team or external providers. Photo documentation improves your ability to visually communicate site conditions and improvement needs

Cost Reduction:

Conducting detailed site inspection and assessments saves money in several ways:

  • Proactively identifying equipment to be replaced as part of a capital replacement program lowers maintenance expenses by preventing recurring service failures due to age.
  • Identifying multiple problems through a comprehensive inspection can lower the cost of resolving issues by grouping multiple requests on a single work order, in turn, reducing trip charges for multiple calls
  • The ability to identify maintenance problems but defer them to a later date provides budget flexibility
  • Providing visibility into future potential expenses can aid the real estate team by providing valuable information on lease renewals and re-negotiations.

  • Using energy surveys, customers can typically save 3-5% of their total energy expenses by improving operating control, through aligning hours of operation with control strategies and identifying and rectifying no cost / low cost energy conservation measures. Information gathered in this process can be used for energy capital improvement planning for lighting, mechanical equipment, and control upgrades.

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