Equipment Tagging and Management
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All good maintenance programs begin with an inventory of your capital equipment and assessment of your sites. WorkOasis provides an Equipment Tagging and Management application designed to capture manufacturer, model, and serial number information, including parent and child components; so that you can better manage capital and maintenance costs on a site by site basis.

In addition, as an optional service, WorkOasis can provide asset tags for labeling equipment and/or onsite condition assessment and asset tagging services.

Our equipment editor allows you to capture and categorize equipment by site, manufacturer, serial number, image, warranty dates, service schedules, and work order history. As work is performed on your equipment, you will build a valuable record of maintenance history and costs that can then be used to improve sourcing and procurement decisions.
Easy-to-upload equipment information via CSV utility

Equipment tracking by:
  • Site
  • Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Model #
  • Serial #
  • Bar code #
  • Condition
  • Ownership
  • Date in service
  • Description

Equipment dashboard with the ability to sort by:
  • Site
  • Manufacturer
  • Model #
  • Status (active, inactive)

Warranty tracking and alarming
  • Labor warranty
  • Parts warranty

Manage equipment documents

View maintenance schedules / status

View detailed work order history
  • Work order detail
  • Total incurred cost
Return on Investment

WorkOasis makes it easy to track and report on all of your assets, no matter the type. Our automated workflow auto-populates maintenance history and cost data with no need for further data entry. Equipment records are easily accessed and updated with new installations and retirements.

Cost Reduction:

Lifecycle cost information can help reduce sourcing costs and empower you with better information for making capital replacement decisions.

The ability to access equipment information using the dynamic tabs embedded in work orders can help your vendors reduce the number of trips, by providing them with information prior to the service call. Also, is the ability to view upcoming planned service and to increase visibility of recurring problems.

The warranty tracking capability with work order alerts and notification features, can save you $300 per avoided service call.

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