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WorkOasis offers cloud based maintenance management software that simplifies and reduces the cost of managing large portfolios of distributed property.
Software Solutions
WorkOasis streamlines your operations in the areas of Service Management, Asset Management, Sustainability Management, Procurement Management, Facility and Operations Analytics and Real Estate Management.
Services and Support
WorkOasis offers Software Development, Integration Services, Vendor Certification and Registration, Asset Tagging and Site Surveys and 24/7 Technical support, via our online support request system.
Markets Served
WorkOasis is dedicated to serving Retail Stores, Wholesale/Grocer, Financial Services, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Lodging and Integrated Service Providers.

Spotlight on Customer Success

About us

Cloud based software focused specifically on the needs of your business!

WorkOasis has quickly grown to be an industry leading application, and today is in active use, supporting over 100,000 sites and 85,000 service vendors. What separates WorkOasis from other software providers is its software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, which requires no capital investment; its ease of use by both end users and service providers, and its history of continuous innovation based on customer driven enhancements.

  • Verisae Acquires WorkOasis.
    Verisae Acquires WorkOasis, Expanding Product Offering and Presence in Food Service, Specialty Retail, and Hospitality. Acquisition Combines Verisae's Robust Property Platform with Best-In-Class Work Order Process Management.
  • Managing Multiple Companies in the Cloud.
    The single biggest advantage of running nine companies in the cloud is that I can be anywhere and have full access to each client's key processes through nearly any Internet-enabled device.
  • Enterprise Manager Article in Retail Facility Business Magazine.
    Corporations that manage large portfolios of property can now utilize a single system for any web-based workflow business process, allowing them to simplify operations and reduce costs.
  • WorkOasis Enterprise Manager.
    The development of Enterprise Manager is a result of working collaboratively with our customers to help them simplify and reduce the cost of running their businesses. We are thankful for the insights and help in developing these world-class applications.
  • Virtual Premise Partnership.
    WorkOasis is designed to simplify and automate the work order management process, saving tenants money by lowering service transaction costs, eliminating paperwork errors and providing an auditable process for certifying contractors.
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